Deck Removal

Restore Flatcar

The Bluegrass Railroad Museum acquired four Army Surplus flat cars in 1985 from the Bluegrass Depot. We are now restoring two of the flatcars, one to be used as a performance stage in front of our Museum and a second to be converted into an open air car for excursion service. We are seeking donations of lumber and manpower to complete these restorations. Come and join us.

Flat Car with new deck

This photo shows the completed deck that will be used as a stage for live entertainment. The work was completed in August of 2010. Deck material is treated 2x6 lumber that will be sealed annually to help preserve it. A second flatcar is being prepared for work.

Flatcar - Joe Burning Bolts

Joe is removing the rusted bolts that held down the old decking. New bolts will be required.

flat backhoe finishing
Flatcar - John Painting

John is applying rust preventative paint to the deck before the wooden decking is installed.

flat deck removed

The old wooden deck completely removed. Several hours of cleaning and prep work will now be required before the new decking can be installed.

Art uses the backhoe to finish removing the last of the old wooden decking.

Flatcar deck

New deck boards are being installed. Some fitting and cutting will be required to clear the stake pockets.


Two additional flats are stored at Milner and Tyrone awaiting restoration. One is scheduled to be converted into an open air car for use in our tour train operation.