School Charters - Field trips

The Bluegrass Railroad welcomes school field trips. The Train Museum contains many interesting artifacts of railroad history, including a working telegraph. The antique passenger cars were built in the 1930's and demonstrate how people, mail, and goods traveled by train in the late 19th and early 20th century. Our knowledgable staff narrate the one hour train trip, making it enjoyable and educational. A covered picnic shelter is available. Two week prior notice is requred to facilitate scheduling a train crew.

  The cost of your School field trip is computed as follows:
$10.00 per student plus $10.00 per accompanying Adult chaperone - teachers ride free),
... or a flat fee of $300.00 whichever is greater.

If feasable, we request the $300.00 be paid in advance with the actual fare calculated at the time of the travel. If the calculated fare is greater than $300.00, the remainder is collected on the day of travel.

The Bluegrass Railroad School tour package is geared for groups of 30 students or more. We can host groups as large as 250. We suggest combining several classes into a single trip. For more information and to make reservations call the office at 859-873-2476 or send us an email --->

We received this note from Nancy Maranville, teacher at Huntertown Elementary:

I would like to write and thank everyone at the Bluegrass Railroad for a wonderful trip. I teach first grade at Huntertown Elementary. We took a trip on the train recently and the children loved it. Being able to see how far transportation has progressed first-hand was beneficial for my students. It made our study real world and more hands-on. Later in the classroom we viewed a timeline of transportation from foot to airplane and the children were very excited to see a "train just like the one we were on" in the presentation!

Everyone we dealt with was very knowledgeable, helpful and pleasent. We loved the history we heard about and the Woodford County sights along the way.

Thank you again for accommodating us. I am sure we will do this trip again in years to come. I will also encourage other classes and grade levels to look into it!