Safety car in primer

This photo from August 2010 shows the car in white primer paint. Significant body work is still needed before a final coat is applied.

The following history has been developed from several sources and is the best information we have available.

The car was originally built in 1912 and numbered 1499, a 12-1 sleeper - Cassadaga Plan 2410, Lot 3949 built by Pullman for use by the New York Central. and painted Pullman green. It was still listed on the Pullman roster in 1937.

The car was converted to a 14 section tourist car on May 29, 1042 and listed as TC 1499.

The Car was sold to Seaboard Air Lines (SAL) on December 19, 1947. Since there is no indication of further Pullman use, it presumably was taken out of revenue service at that time renumbered to 75000 and converted to use as a general instruction car. At about this time the original friction bearing trucks were replaced with roller bearing trucks of Atlantic Coast Line (ACL) vintage.

At a later date sometime prior to 1982, the car was outfitted with dual air conditioners and the sides repainted white. It was renumbered 775000 and lettered as a Safety Car.

CSX corporation was formed November 1, 1980. When subsidary CSX transportation absorbed Seaboard System Railroad on July 1, 1986 the Seaboard Safety Instruction Car became property of CSX. The car was stored in the Raceland Yard in Ashland and donated to the Bluegrass Railroad Museum in 1989.

The Museum is searching for earlier photos and builders information on this car. The trucks are not original and the builder plate is obscured.


This photo from 2004 shows the car in use as a display car for the Museum artifact collection. Its paint has since weathered badly.


This photo is from 1982 and shows the Seaboard Coast Line car title of Safety Car, the SCL number, 775000, two heralds, on the white background. We're unsure of what the two heralds actually looked like, and are searching for further information.

Seaboard car in1950

The photo at left was taken 2/22/1959 and shows the car before Air Conditioning was added. The car was numbered 75000, lettered for SeaBoard and General Instruction Car.


The photo at right is from 1985 and shows the yellow and red Seaboard System logo, the Safety Instruction Car title, and the SBD number, 995000. While this appears to be a different car, the paint scheme is similar.


How she appears today in her original Pullman Green color and parked alongside the museum platform for use by our patrons. Further painting will eventually cover all of the incorrect purple color applied to the car.