Youngs High Bridge


Located on (or above) U.S. 62 crossing the Kentucky River between Woodford and Anderson Counties is the Youngs High Bridge. Built for the Louisville Southern Railroad in 1888, this bridge is special in that she was never modified, strengthened, or recieved ANY type of overhaul. Thus the bridge people see standing today is the EXACT bridge that was standing over 124 years ago! Youngs High Bridge is considered to be one the most underrated and unknown pieces of victorian engineering in the country.

Passengers at Bridge
Work Train Bridge compressed

The last train over the bridge was a Southern work train photographed by Howard Grabill
10 AM September 17, 1983

Passengers now disembark to enjoy the view and listen to the history told by our Conductors.


A view of the U.S. 62 highway bridge that paraells the Youngs High Bridge across the Kentucky River. This bridge is a bit strange in itself as when you look closely at the picture you will notice that the bridge enters and exits in opposing curves. This is rumored to be the only highway bridge in the country that was designed to do this.


The Tyrone Power Station as viewed from the Anderson County side of Youngs High. This plant was served by the railroad line until 1979 when a runaway locomotive derailed on the plants spur line and destroyed several coal cars and caused the derailment of Southern Railway SW-1 #1002 that was chasing the runaway. This lead to the trucking in of coal to the plant.